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Contractors is a team based semi-realistic competitive multiplayer shooter game for virtual reality headsets.

Experience the next level VR battlefield with intense firefight, lethal weapons, customizable loadout, and your tactical decisions.

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Available on Steam and Oculus now


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Mod Kit Available

Experience exciting maps and game modes created by players or download mod kit and start making your own!

Immersive Fullbody IK

A much more natural full-body IK to immerse yourself into the game

Thrilling Shootout

Built upon Unreal Engine 4, experience enemies` suppressive fire and make your every bullet counts.

A Playable Hub Area

A playable hub area where you can practice your marksmanship with multiple training activities while waiting for your game to start.

Objective Based Game Mode

Competitive game mode. Cooperate with team members to take down objectives.

Customizable Weapon Loadout

Point based loadout system, create your own personalized tactical loadout.

Realistic Weapon Handling

Handle your weapon in VR like a true operator. Experience different weapon control tactics and master tactical reloading like a pro.

Gameplay Trailer

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