• Contractors v.0.81.1 Patch Note:

  1.        World War 2 weapon reload fix for Kar98 and Mosin-nagant.

  2. ​       Fixed UI input issue.​

  3.        Fixed competitive server tag in the server browser.

  4. ​​       Fixed AI US soldier model on Quest version​.​

  5.        Fixed melee weapon and gadgets disappearing after putting back to holster.



Contractors VR Version 0.63.0 is out!

New Features:

1. New Game Mode: Domination. Capture and hold points on the map and gain scores.

2. Customizable server description with in-game virtual keyboard.

3. Added server tag (Casual/Competitive).


1. Improved index controller grip input for better object pickup and throw.

2. Adjusted CZ805 spread pattern.

3. Improved Arctic control spawn points.

4. Improved Control player spawn with Mod maps.

5. Improved Vote to End Game UI.

6. Added assist notification in bomb defusal game mode when player try to install the bomb.

7. Added notification for server host.

Bug Fixes:

1. In the games without teams, when you have a full server (16 players) the button "Leave Match" can't push. Need something to scroll the list.

2. Defusal Gamemode: Round won't end if the opposing team is empty.

3. Scope doesn't display fog properly.

4. When you going to create a server, if you have all the mods downloaded you cannot scroll down the list and impossible to see all the mods.

* Quest version download link has been updated, please scroll down to the previous situation update.



  • Oculus Quest beta is out! You can now download it through with side-loaded version!

    To install it on your quest:

    1. Follow this guide to enable developer mode for your quest:

    2. Download the build from here:
        Make sure you downloaded both "ContractorsVR_Quest_Build_8.z01 " and "" files
        and put them in the same directory, then extracts the files somewhere you like.

    3. For Windows Users: Connect your quest to your computer, and double click on :Install_Contractors_UE4_22-Android-                Shipping-arm64-es2.bat" to install.

        For Mac Users: For now, you can use SideQuest to install the game
        # Unzip the file   
        # Click the tasks screen in SideQuest
        # Drag the .apk & .obb over the SideQuest window, drop to add to the install queue and wait for it to install
        # After it is installed, open the My Apps screen click the cogwheel icon beside                                                                                   com.CaveManStudio.ContractorsVR and scroll down to enable RECORD_AUDIO permissions

    **Important: If you already got an invitation from email, you don't need to use this sideload version as all future builds will be    done through the oculus app automatically.




  • We have released Contractors Mod Kit, the detailed guildline can be found on

  • The Mod Kit is able to create maps, gamemodes and weapons, the official mod support game build is targeted at end of April.

  • We are still working on the Quest port, below are some WIP screenshots, we will announce the beta test soon!


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