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Contractors Hazard Update Is Now Live!

Dear operators,

Contractors v.0.92.0 Hazard Update is now live! Here are some of the highlights in this update:


A devastating outbreak is turning people into flesh eating zombies! A special task force is deployed into Kowloon to contain the situation.

Team up with your friends, survive waves of zombies, upgrade your perks and gears, challenge the global leaderboard!

Zombie survival mode is in its early stage, we will keep improving this game mode with fine-tuning, more features and more maps!


In the previous version we received a lot of criticism from the community regarding the recoil system. This time we completely remade it with a more realistic recoil pattern and removed the randomness factor out of it. Experience the new recoil system and let us know what do you think!

Here is the complete update note for the Hazard Update:

- Zombie survival mode

- New recoil system

- Meta multiplayer integration

- Ability to see bullet in chamber

- Fixed first comp control point in Wildland

- Fixed crouch running

- Server list can now see map names

- Multiplayer lobby now shows server region and password

- Added Head-oriented option in welcome menu

- Changed 'HMD forward' to 'Head oriented locomotion' in setting menu

- Added ability to adjust UI distance in the setting menu

- Fixed M1A incorrect magazine issue

- Fixed MP7 muzzle effect on Rift version

- SPAS can now be fold and unfold

- Fixed spectator screen in survival mode

- Adjusted Deagle shell eject effect

- Removed extra charging handle mesh on WW2 Bren

- Increased footstep falloff distance

- Adjusted Arctic spawn point to prevent spawn camp

- Fixed the dancing cloth in between middle point and red brick building in Factory map

- Fixed weird visual effect on a white building when looking from the train tracks in Factory

- Adjusted metal fence visual in Factory

- Prevent player from get on to the top of the red trucks in Factory

- Removed cable sparkling effect on Rift version in Factory

- Fixed truck mesh clipping in Factory

- Fixed overlapping UVs in Factory

- Removed firing barrel in Arctic

Hope you enjoy the Hazard Update! For more information, please join our discord server: Discord


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