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June 14th, 2023 Situation Report

Dear operators,

As you all know, we recently announced our new title Contractors Showdown and you might be wondering what that means for Contractors.

Here's our announcement trailer and the announcement in case you missed it:

Official teaser of Contractors Showdown

Contractors Showdown Announcement & FAQ

Although most of the team is focused on BR's development over the next few months, Contractors will continue to be a great experience that keeps you engaged.

Starting with the next quality-of-life update, you can expect to see more changes with some fixes for the server, overall stability, map polishing, and new content. In addition, the team will continue to work to identify bug fixes that we are able to reproduce and fix.

Beyond the release of BR, we plan to make sure Contractors continues to be a fun experience for everyone and continuously push the game to v1.0 with the progression system, daily quests, matchmaking, and the features we promised in the earlier roadmap.

Let's bring up what we have promised in our roadmap, and what is the progress of each part:

Progression System & Daily Quest

This is our community's most requested feature, so we aim to offer it to all of our enthusiastic players. With the infrastructure of the system in place, we plan to integrate it alongside some cool features into a major update of Contractors in the future.

Matchmaking System

We have created a new algorithm and scheme to let you hop in the room easily without checking server by server. Now the system is being tested and we will bring it to the Contractors when it's fully done!

New Game Modes

We have developed some new game modes that the pace is even more faster than what we have released! Several new mechanics will be included with the new game modes, and we will reveal more details with actual gameplay in our future sitreps.

Total Map Polishing

Along with developing the new modes, we have found miscellaneous bugs and unpleasant glitches (mostly the annoying invisible walls) around the maps. After half of the glitches have been fixed, maps and game modes that feature battles within the map will be updated.

Now, let's take a look at what's highlighted in the upcoming update!

Scope Optimization & Aim Assist

The higher scopes in OG Contractors are not very smooth and way too shaky when firing, making the HAMR, Power Scope, Kashtan, and ACOG almost unusable. A lot of testing has led to the correction of magnifying logic and the addition of steady aim and slight aim assist to higher scopes. Keep an eye out for the comparison video on our channel and social media!

Mute-all Button Optimization

Originally, the Mute-all Button was designed to allow users to easily block other voices with one click, and newcomers who joined the game halfway could still be heard. Nonetheless, we have heard feedback from our streamers and players who simply want to enjoy the game and immersive battle, so we've changed the logic and related UI to make it easier to recognize the player who's speaking.

Last but not least, apologies to all our supporters and gamers, we totally understand that the patch would be pretty small, but we guarantee you we'll make it step by step, bring up the top-notch shooter to all of you and fulfill our promise - to push Contractors to 1.0 with all the features included and polished.

Thank you all for the all-time support and patience, see you on our next update operators!

Caveman Studio


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