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Situation Report 09/10/2021

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Dear operators,

Welcome to September`s situation report! We would like to share our development progress and contents in the upcoming updates.

v.0.82.7 Patch Update:

There is a bit of a delay on the OWO integration, we are sorry that we will postpone the v.0.82.7 update to next week September 16th.

v.0.90.0 Major Update:

Here is our current progress on the v.0.90.0 major update.


Here are some map overhaul comparisons, the screenshot from the right is the reworked version.

1. Lumber

2. Hideout:

3. DustTown:

We are also working on Wildland, Factory, and DownTown, more comparisons will be released in the next 2 weeks!


1. Virtual gunstock is completely reworked.

2. Netcode improvement.

3. New weapons and existing weapon model overhauls for standard and World War 2 loadouts.

4. Collision and spawn mechanism improvements.


Here is a glimpse of the new WIP main menu UI in v.0.90.0, there is a lot of information in it.


VOIP system has been greatly enhanced, download speed and overall structure of the mod module have been improved drastically. The game server stability is a lot resilient!


Player statistics will be stored, players will be able to check their personal performance in the statistics panel, survival game mode will feature a ranked worldwide leaderboard, team up with friends and achieve the highest scores! progression and ranked games are planned in later updates.


In v.0.90.0, the friend social system will be implemented, players will be able to check online friend status, sent and receive friend requests in-game. Functions like teamed matchmaking and join a friend`s lobby are planned in later updates.

That`s all for this week`s situation report, we are really excited for v.0.90.0 update, and as usual, we will be revealing more details in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!

- Caveman Studio


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