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Situation Report: Contractors Showdown on April 29th

Dear contractors,

Contractors Showdown is finally dropped on the 25th!

Here is the official trailer in case you have missed it:

🔥Let's Keep the Hype Train Going Crazyyyyyy!🔥

Please share their opinions and ratings on Meta and Steam! We would love to see your reviews and feedback! They are invaluable in helping us improve and enhance the gaming experience for everyone involved.

Let's keep the hype train full throttle and make this the top VR of this year!



In today's situation report, we will elaborate on some of the issues that you may have encountered, and provide details about the latest patch notes. Let's dive into today's update:

  • 🛜Disconnection Issue🛜

The recent disconnection problems were linked to timezone settings. If you manually set the timezone and time, it could cause a desync with the server. We have released a patch to address this issue promptly!

  • 💬New Languages Added!💬

We have expanded the language options in the game to cater to a wider audience.

  • 🏆New Winning Tags🏆

To win it all by winning, or lose with nothing in the Showdown?

Definitely not!

Now we have added a new winning visual for all the teams, now you'll get a Vanguard if your squad makes it to the top 5!

  • ⛏️Quality of Life Fixes⛏️

Hate the wrist pivot being reset every time booting up the game?

Squad get randomly dismissed? Wrong career stats? Bad lighting maps?...

Well, they should be ironed out now, time to complete some contracts and squad up with your friends!

  • Pre-Order Issue

We have noticed some pre-order cancellations and we understand how frustrating that can be. Unfortunately, we are not able to directly resolve these issues as Meta controls the pre-order process. However, we are looking into the matter and trying to find a solution. If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at MTA for help. Thank you for your understanding.

📜Patch Notes v.📜


  • Overhauled the notification when the squad finished the game.

  • Now you can see teammates' details and player cards before hopping on the plane.

  • (Quest only) Added multiple localization options.

  • (Steam Only) Optimized the overall map light exposure.


  • The "Recently Played" tab now shows players' UID correctly.

  • Fixed the disconnection issue due to the desynced timezone, now you should no longer encounter any disconnection issue from the time settings.

  • Potentially fixed the stats of badge and Top 5 from careers.

  • Fixed multiple spelling mistakes.

  • Fixed a bug that players can carry attachments and skins from the beta test, and caused red dot notification errors on the weapon working bench.

  • (Quest only) Fixed an issue where the pivot settings would be reset to "wrist" each time the game started.

  • (Quest only) Addressed a bug that would dismiss the squad randomly.

  • (Steam Only) Fixed the missing arrow issue for the tutorial.

  • (Steam Only) Fixed the error lighting maps.

Thank you once again for your continued support and dedication to our game.

This is just the beginning of the amazing journey.

Together, we will continue to improve and deliver an exceptional gaming experience for all our players.

Where are we dropping?!

Caveman Studio


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