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Situation Report: Contractors Showdown on Feb.2nd

Updated: Feb 21

Dear operators,

As we usher in the new year, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to all the incredible Alpha testers who have been an integral part of shaping Contractors Showdown. From November 23rd to January 1st, your dedication and feedback have been invaluable.

Let’s recap on what we have achieved!

📈 Achievements:

- 7839 Messages: The forums have been buzzing with activity, thanks to your engagement and discussions. Your insights have been vital in refining the Contractors Showdown experience.

- 1386 Threads: A staggering number of threads have been created, showcasing the passion and commitment of our Alpha testers in exploring and pushing the limits of Contractors Showdown.

👏 Your Impact:

Your enthusiasm and dedication have contributed significantly to the progress we've made during this Alpha testing phase. Each message, each thread has played a crucial role in the development of Contractors Showdown.

🚀 Exciting News: BETA IS COMING!!!

We're thrilled to announce that, thanks to your valuable feedback and bug reports, we've been hard at work building the upcoming Beta version of Contractors Showdown. Your input has directly influenced the development process, and we can't wait to share the results with you. 

Please sign up here if you haven't been playing the game:

You don't have to sign it again if you already have access to the alpha!

Timeline: Closed & Open Beta

  • Closed Beta Timeline:

Feb 4th - Feb 28th (The server will only be available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week)

  • Open Beta Expected Start Time:

March 1st

Now, let’s check on what to expect in Beta!

Major Updates: In Time for the Beta!

  • New Headquarters

Every operator needs his own base of operations. Coming from our Alpha, we knew that the headquarters needed to be as self-sufficient and efficient for every operator as possible.

With the newest advanced MICA (Muti-functional Integrated Combat Assistant) system, the new Headquarters design employs capabilities to view missions, purchase upgrades, modify your loadout, train your aim, and even roam around if you wish to.

  • Newly-Deployed Perks System

You’re not supposed to be an ordinary soldier, you’re a highly-skilled Operator capable of taking advantage of any given combat situation. Perks have been added, and will become available with each parameter reached on the battlefield.

There are 3 perk slots. For each slot, you will have multiple perk options. The 1st slot will be the easiest perk that you can activate. The other 2 perk slots will be unlocked by dealing damage, looting encrypted chips, and surviving through each storm circle. A battle point indicator will also fill up as it generates slowly to the next available slot.

  • Encrypted Chips

Be aware, that one of the main goals for every operator is the encrypted chips scattered around the battlefield.

Encrypted Chips on, every, match. Once looted, you will gain progress on your perk meter - but there’s more to it.

Each chip can be classified into 3 tiers - White for Common, Green for Rare, and Blue for Unique. After looting, you can plug it into your MICA which will upload it. A small indicator will start displaying, and it will be delivered to the Decoding Terminal in HQ after each match.

  • Decoding Terminal

As part of the new HQ update, you now have a Decoding terminal on your base. The Decoding Terminal contains all the encrypted chips you successfully uploaded during each match. Decoding encrypted chips allows players to obtain resource points, blueprints, unique contracts, and cosmetics depending on each chip’s tier. Decode them one-by-one, or all-at-once - the choice is yours.

  • Blueprints

Besides decoding encrypted chips, you can now craft using Blueprints. Blueprints serve as a chain of rewards you can claim using resource points earned from finishing matches, fulfilling contracts, and decoding chips.

  • Daily & Unique Contracts

We are introducing Contracts to Contractors Showdown, which sure makes a lot of sense.

There will be 2 types of contracts - Daily contracts and Unique contracts.

Players receive a standard daily contract with a limited time to complete. Daily contracts are easy to fulfill, but significantly lower in rewards. Unique contracts, on the other hand, don't have a time limit but tend to be more challenging, allowing players to start and finish them at their own pace.

  • New weapons are joining the party!

New weaponry has landed for SMG-loving Operators - the CZ EVO SMG and the CX4 SMG.

  • Weapons Skins & Charms

The upcoming Beta tests will be a feast for the operator's eyes. We have added tons of individual weapon skins and weapon charms - all available in the Beta period.

By release, there’ll be more polished cosmetics than what you can try out in the Beta test!

Minor Updates: For a better Beta

  • Better matchmaking/matchmaking

Overall matchmaking system has been significantly improved. There are now 3 servers for Operators to choose from - NA (North America), EU (Europe), and APJ (Asia Pacific - Japan).

We have also added a Ping Detector to assist the matchmaking and improve the overall experience of matchmaking Operators.

  • Areas Overhaul

Hate to see the treacherous farmland? And the resort area that you’ve never been jumped on? Or the Cliffton that have never been to?

We have made some big changes to some areas that should be a delight to every operator. Check them out!

  • Map glitch fixes

We’ve seen glitches on the map - especially those weird terrains that trap operators. Good news: they’re fixed! Hopefully, all of you guys can have a much better experience on the new terrains!

🙌 What's Next?

As we move forward, your continued support remains paramount. We're excited about the journey ahead, and your feedback will continue to shape Contractors Showdown into something truly extraordinary.

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Your adventure with Contractors Showdown is just getting started!

Best regards,  

Caveman Studio


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