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Situation Report July 5th Contractors Showdown

Attention, Contractors!

From the Betas, to the Bootcamp and Solo Mode, to the Investigation Contracts and Reports, we have continuously delivered surprises.

The biggest release yet for Contractors Showdown is here, and we can't wait to tell you about it.

Get ready for Contractors Showdown: Season 1 in late July.

In today’s sitrep, we’re here to talk about the upcoming features of our highly-anticipated first season.

From vehicles, to map changes, to new characters and possibly a new favorite weapon - we feel it’s time to dive deeper into why we believe you’ll be parachuting down the map more than you’re used to very soon.

Before we dive in, check out our latest community highlight, it collected multiple amazing moments from the dedicated players!

And don't forget to try out the latest DBP 12 shotgun in the latest v. update!

Vehicles: Fuel and Fire

You may have seen our Vehicles Sneak Peek, but we assure you that the driving experience will always be refreshing with each ride. Take a look at our selection of vehicles coming to Contractors Showdown: Season 1!

The SUV - Drivin’ By, Squad Style!

Need more space for your squad that the ATV just can’t provide? We understand - and so an SUV was a definite necessity.

The SUV holds up to 4 Contractors, which basically turns it into a “tank” - a deadly moving killing machine. Valuable for traversing through the map without losing track of your squad, you’ll be able to find your next target with ease, not having to worry about the dangers of walking towards victory.

As well as the SUV being released in Season 1, there are also a number of possible countermeasures. Before closing your car door, make sure you’re in it to win it - no matter what the cost.

Melee & Compound Bow:

Seeking a shift from a more covert combat approach to a stealthier style?

Time to gear up and use a bow! Improve your aim and speed in archery that requires precision and strategy.


This would greatly help with communicating and guiding the direction for everyone.

We believe that one type of compass is not enough since it is one of the most requested, guess what type b looks like?

New Characters: ARK Agents

The mysterious agents from ARK Industrial are set to arrive in Season 1. Little is known about these so-called “machines of war”, but one thing’s for certain - they’re “built” specifically for danger.

With mysteries come the legends - some have told stories of the shimmer of metal under broad daylight as the last thing one’ll see before total incapacitation.

The “ARK Agent” Character will be available in Season 1.

ARK Mission System!

With more investigation going, ARK deployed more than enough terminals to the battlefield with more missions and tasks to complete during the fight.

Be aware killers, you are gonna be hunted by others anytime...

And drivers, prepare to against all odds and deliver the high-value target on time.

Meta PC VR

The longgggggggggggggggggggggggggg waiting is finally about to be over. It was our deepest regret that the Meta PC version was delayed, since we encountered various issues with the EAC implementation at the time.

We are still supporting cross-buy, and the content is exactly the same as on Steam.

Mind you, Contractor - we’re just at the tip of the Season 1 iceberg. We’ve yet to talk about more exciting features set to be released.

See you on the next sitrep, contractors!

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Thank you all for taking on this journey with us!

Where are we dropping? 🪂


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