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Situation Report

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Dear operators,

Welcome to the new situation report! We want to let you know the current progress of Contractors and what we have planned for the upcoming updates.

GAMEPLAY: Legacy bugs will be fixed, new interactions and animations will be introduced, stuff like tactical reloads will also be brought back, the overall quality of life will be greatly increased.

MAP: 1. New map Kowloon will be introduced, the set is based on locations in Hong Kong.

Kowloon will be a large-scale map similar to Wildland, it will feature all the available game modes, players will have to battle through alleys and blocks, going through buildings with a lot of verticalities.

2. We are also starting to revamp some of the old maps for PC and Quest, starting out with Lumber, here are some graphical comparisons:

Notice the rocks have been remade with better qualities.

Landscape on the Quest version has also been remade with more details.

We will continue working on the revamps and more maps will be receiving visual upgrades.


Speaking of visual upgrades, we are not only focusing on the maps, in-game UI has also been redesigned, new elements have also been introduced and the overall layout will become more friendly and easy to use.


Over the past few months, the server stability issues have always been a big problem for Contractors, that is why we are switching to a new robust server structure to solve the stability issues once and for all.


Another aspect of the game that we have been working on is the social and progression system, we are breaking down the system implementation into 3 stages in the next few months.

  1. Friend feature, instant messages, in-game invites, leaderboard, statistics, and a new VOIP system.

  2. Quick match, team invites, group clans, and online events.

  3. Progression system, unlock-able contents, and ladder tournament.


Finally, mod, we are making a lot of progress trying to get the mod support on Quest and we believe it will be ready sooner than we expected, we will be revealing more details in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!


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