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v.0.91.0 Update Preview

Dear operators,

v.0.91.0 update is right around the corner, here are some of the highlights in the v.0.91.0 update:

Mod Kit

Contractors will be supporting User Generated Content on both PC and Oculus Quest!

The tutorial for the modding tool is available here: modkit

The complete mod feature will be carried out in 2 phases. In v.0.91.0 map mod will first be introduced, players will be able to upload custom maps through the mod kit and download map mods in-game. Loadout and Gamemode mods will be supported in a later update.

To check out the available map mods in Contractors, here is the link: mod

Map Improvement: Factory

In v.0.91.0, the Factory map has received several improvements, we fixed some LOD issues, improved textures, 3d models, and the overall lighting.

Frying Pan Is Back

Frying pan in the winter update is quite a popular melee weapon and it is a pity that we took it down after the holiday update, we decided to bring it back in v.0.91.0!

Reduced Game Size

There are a lot of complaints about the current game size being too big, in v.0.91.0 the game size is reduced from 11GB to around 7GB with no visual and experience downgrades! More space for installing mods!

We will share more details about the v.0.91.0 update next week, stay tuned!


Beta Session Announcement

Starting today + Saturday and Sunday we will be organizing mod sessions to test out the mods and the build. Your participation is much appreciated! This way we can get your feedback and confirm if the build is stable before release!

Please join our discord server discord and check out # modsessions channel for more session info.

For information about how to install the preview build, check out the following channels in the discord channel:

# mod-preview-build-quest

# mod-preview-build-oculus-pcvr

# mod-preview-build-steam

The preview build is always accessible for everyone at any time, the sessions indicate the starting time when players will be present. Some awesome content creators will be joining as well!

The starting time is: EU: 20:00 UTC NA: 20:00 EST


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