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v.0.91.3 Update & Modding Contest

Dear operators,

Contractors v.0.91.3 update is now available! Come and take a look at what`s included in this update:


Factory just got a fresh new look! We remade the railroad area, enhanced factory building visuals, improved textures on roads, grass and pipes. Here is the in-game graphics comparision on the Quest version:

Server Stability

We understand recently players experienced a lot of server issues, the most common one is unable to start games in any region. We apologize for the terrible experience, in this update we finally track down the issue and get it fixed.

Here is the complete patch note for v.0.91.3:

  1. Factory overhaul

  2. Lumber spawn point adjustment

  3. Fixed private password issue

  4. Increased server stability

Modding Contest

Since the Custom Map Update, the modding community is quite active, players get to experience many exciting content from modders around the world. This time we decided to take it up a notch! We are preparing a modding contest with a prize pool of up to 9000 dollars!

We will be revealing more details next week, can`t wait to see more awesome content from the community!


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