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v0.93.0.0 Update Situation Report

Dear operators,

The Game Experience Update is finally released! As one of the most essential updates recently, it adds a variety of new features to the game itself and a more versatile modkit that would allow modders to create custom game modes and loadouts. We are excited to see the core infrastructure of our modkit has been completed and eager to witness how it will be utilized by our talented modders!

In order to showcase the features, provide a reference for modders, and dedicate new content for our positive players, we’ve created an official mod map ’Space Rumble'. Have fun interacting, climbing, and fighting for the golden crown in Space Rumble.

What’s more, physics-based collisions have been implemented for all weapons, creating a truly immersive VR gaming experience. Grab your weapon and join the fierce battle now.

Official Update Trailer

What’s New:


  • Improved physics-based melee and weapon handling

Players were able to get their hands, melee weapons, and guns into the wall, which may have broken the immersion. Now that the game physics has been enhanced, guns will collide with objects and surfaces, and melee weapons will bounce back if hit hard.

  • Improved physics of throwable

Throwables used to be shabby and barely rolled when they hit the ground, now the animations have been overhauled with better physics, making them more like real-life collisions. Don’t forget to try out the throwing knife, and see how the knife revolves in the air now.

  • Improved hand model and animation

The character hand model and animation has been improved! Reloading weapons are also more flexible and not limited to only one gesture.

  • Boosted game pace

Eliminate an enemy with a lower TTK now! Damage resistance of all types of armor has been reduced by 20%, this would definitely boost the game pace and tighten up the nerve in battle.

  • Essentially optimized lag compensation

It was really frustrating when players wanna perform a tactical reload quickly during the combat but find it really hard to do so due to the laggy network. The lag compensation net code has been improved, making reloading much smoother.


  • New official mod map - Space Rumble

A new official mod map with 5 entertaining modes included. The map contains most of the features of the modkit, such as climbing, customized UI, interactable gadgets, and customized game modes. This will be a fun theme park for our enthusiastic players and a showcase for our amazing modders.

  • New modkit feature - easy-to-use preset mod templates

Multiple preset mod templates have been created in modkit so new modders can get started faster, and experienced modders will be able to save more time to boost their efficiency. What’s more, check out the mod template exhibition hall in modkit to get started on your creation!

  • New modkit feature - custom game modes and loadouts available

Contractors finally support custom game mode and loadout! Create your own custom game mode and loadout and share them with players around the world!

  • New modkit guide and download

A new set of tutorials and guides has been posted, don't forget to update your modkit!

Download the latest modkit:

  • Optimized Mod Page

Wanna stay tuned for the latest mods? Now mod page is supported with a search bar and filter, you won’t be missing the latest fun mods from now on!

v0.93.0.0 Patch Notes


  • Interactions

Added physics-based collision to all weapons

Added damping effect to the grenade pin

Added virtual crouching control

Added new bolt-action pulling hand animation

  • Settings

Added Virtual Crouching switch in the settings

Added Pivot Center switch in the settings

  • Mods

Added new official mod map - Space Rumble

Added filter and browser bar in Mod page UI

Added new modkit feature - easy-to-use preset mod templates

Added new modkit feature - custom game modes and custom loadouts


Time to kill reduced by 20%

Weapon recoil increased by 50% when airborne

Decreased fragment grenade explosion damage

Empty clip now unable to put back in ammo holster

Improved melee weapon handling

Improved physics effect of all throwables

Improved weapon handling animation

Adjusted the hand model of medium armor characters

Adjusted model scaling in the Downtown map

Adjusted pivot center of all weapons

Adjusted zero distance of multiple scopes


Addressed the controller tracking issue caused by the overlapping position when aiming down sight

Addressed LOD issues in the Downtown map

Addressed abnormal collision size issues in the Downtown map

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