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v0.93.2.0 Zompkin Night - Situation Report

Dear operators,

It’s been over 6 months since the devastating Zombie outbreak in Kowloon City. Unfortunately, according to the latest video message, disturbing mutated enemies were sighted again in the factory, we are now dispatching all operators to the factory, be advised, all zombies SHOOT ON SIGHT.

Official Update Trailer

Limited Time Zompkin Night Event

Introducing the new event and weapons skins!

This update combines two long-requested features from our community. Players are now able to acquire 3 unique weapon skins by challenging the Zompkin Night event! Explore Halloween-themed HQ, hop in the game, and pop some pumpkin heads!

Once you have acquired the skins, they will be permanently in your inventory. It's the only way to get those fancy skins, it's now or never!

New Weapon Skins

Overkill & Skull Hunter


v0.93.2.0 Patch Notes

Added New Zombie Survival map - Factory New limited-time event - Zompkin Night New Halloween-theme skins for Combat Knife, Deagle, and AWM

Adjusted Improved the visual effect of muzzle flame across the board Improved the gunshot blood-splashing effect for characters across the board Improved the PC spectator mode Adjusted the respawn point on Comp Control in Dust town

Fixed Fixed the Ammo box glitch in Urban City Fixed the invisible barrier issue in the Arctic Fixed the stutter issue caused by the overloading social list

Charity tournament starting!

We are organizing another charity event in collaboration with content creators and Dubcity Tournaments! We are looking for content creators to help out and support the charity goal.

Teams and players can start signing up for the charity tournament now!

Signup Form


Discord link to the Dubcity Tournaments server


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