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Zombie Survival Starter Guide

To our operators:

The hazard operation has begun for more than 24 hours. Come and challenge Zombie Survival, the new game mode introduced in our latest update, that utilizes a unique perk tree and a new weapon upgrade system. Your skills will be tested as you and your squad level up your combat skills against various types of zombies.

Before your next deployment to the night of Kowloon city, take a look at the new Intel on weapons and perks brought back by our field operators.

New Perk Trees & Weapon Upgrade Tree

Perk Tree

Weapon Upgrade Tree

Introducing exclusive new perks for Zombie Survival Mode! Get ready to lock and load. Unlock new weapons by knocking down zombies. Survive each wave to build the unique perk deck that fits your play style.

Define Your Own Style With Proper Perks

  • Gunslinger: Overwhelm the hordes with excessive firepower, and boost your damage by performing bull’s eye headshots.

  • Survivor: Wanna be a tanky and devoted medic? You’ll never be tired of running on the street and reviving your fellows through hordes.

  • Specialist: Rich on cash and ammo, pile up your cash as a tycoon and gain your buff from upon. Immobilize zombies by breaking off their arms and legs.

  • Don`t forget to try out 3 additional smaller perk trees that grant you extra ability with shotguns, explosives, and item drops!

Think about your strategy, discover new perk combos, get your unique vibe, and strengthen your power! But be quick when selecting the perks, as zombies will not be standing around and waiting for you!

Feeling nerve-racking to challenge alone? Join our Discord server now and look for teammates and tips, let us know your thoughts on the new Zombie Survival Mode!


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