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Situation Report 10/01/2021

Dear operators,

Welcome to October`s situation report! We would like to share our development progress for the upcoming updates.

v.0.83.0 Update

We will be releasing another update in two weeks featuring the revamped Lumber, along with a variety of bug fixes.

v.0.90.0 Update

Here are some of the interesting stuff we have been working on for v.0.90.0:


Last situation report we have included graphical comparisons on reworked Lumber, DustTown and Hideout, here is the WIP Wildland on the Quest version:

captured in game
captured in game

captured in game

VOIP In v.0.90.0, we have ditched the old VOIP implementation and integrated 'Vivox Communication' into Contractors, VOIP chat is now stable and clear than ever!


Social system will be playing a big part in the upcoming major updates, here is what will be included in v.0.90.0:

  1. Sent/receive/block friend requests

  2. Check online status

  3. Check statistics

  4. Invite to an on-going game

  5. Send instant messages

We will be revealing more gameplay side of things in the next situation report, stay tuned!

- Caveman Studio


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