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Situation Report - Contractors Roadmap & Winter Update Sneek Peek

Happy holiday season everyone! We believe you will have your special gifts on Xmas, well, don’t forget to update and open up Contractors next week to unwrap the special gifts that we have prepared for you!

Before showing any teases of our fresh and hot gifts on the shelf, we would like to send our apologies to our supporters and dedicated gamers, for the recent poor server stability and bug fix delay. Your concerns have been noted, and some of them have already been addressed! On the other hand, some of the issues were often related to legacy design flaws, such as the missing network ping indicator and audio settings. We are redesigning portions of the game and we are confident to get them all tackled with your kind support.

So here we are, revealing more information on our development progress and Roadmap of Contractors for future updates, and our plan for the recent server and issue.

Goal and Roadmap

Our goal for Contractors is to reach v1.0 as a complete, solid, and reliable game.

  • Firstly, regarding our orientation, the original experience of Contractors will be strengthened. We believe you must be quite satisfied with the genius modded content created by talented modders, and the amazing modding community vibes. There are, however, players who enjoy the original and classical base game who feel left out. Adding new content and improving competitive elements will revitalize the vanilla game. With that said, the original game will be distinguished from modded content with a long-requested customizable 'quick-match' section and a special skill-based matchmaking system.

  • Secondly, regarding the content of the game, new game modes will be added and several rarely played game modes will be refurbished. As we all have noticed, some of the classical modes (Bomb Defusal and Extraction have entered the chat) were implemented way back. Since the game has evolved with multiple major updates, we are going to redesign some modes to make them suit the newest version of the Contractors and make sure that no mode is outdated.

  • Thirdly, the maps will be well-polished, and more map issues will be fixed. We have noticed that more invisible walls and miscellaneous issues were found in every original map which may hinder the smooth experience. We are troubleshooting every invisible wall recently, the overall map situation will be improved gradually with each update.

  • Lastly, the progression system and new characters will be implemented. As two of the most long-requested features of Contractors, we would like to combine them, you may unlock weapons and cosmetics through leveling up, customize your characters and loadouts, finish the daily quests, and gain your rewards.

We Need Your Voices

  • We are also eager to hear your thoughts on the roadmap! Please let us know which feature you'd like to see first in the game. Your votes will help us make decisions!


  • There has also been a severe network swing recently, which really affects the game experience. We are working on strengthening the server logic and monitoring solutions. Please fill out the survey if you have encountered any server issues recently. Provide us with your feedback and information so we can locate the log accurately, and fix the server as soon as we can!


  • Last but not least, a lot of users have encountered the mod error issue, and the download never succeeds. Please let us know your region and related info, so we can learn more about the situation and fix it as soon as we can with!


Winter Update Sneak Peek

Special Winter Event, Live on 22nd December

This is our second season-themed event! 1 billion scores were farmed with 100k skins in the Zompkin Nights event during Halloween week! So we decided to bring more free and high-quality skins to you.

Introducing our newest Winter Event, you’ll be experiencing the daily and weekly quest by the time. Sign up for the contract, or give up all the rewards.

Free Skins

You are not gonna know what are you holding on to...


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