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v.0.93.6 Situation Report

Dear Operators,

First off, please accept our humble apologies for delaying the update to next week, we want to ensure that the update is of top-notch quality and provides you with the best experience possible. But we assure you it'll be worth the wait!

This update focuses on optimizing your overall immersive experience, balancing weapons, introducing exciting new features, and fixing those annoying bugs.

Your feedback and suggestions have been heard! After the announcement of our July patch preview, many players have expressed concern that the aim assist will hinder or break the immersion of Contractors. In the update, we have removed the soft lock aim assist and kept the stabilization.

What’s more, we decided to add as many new prototype features we have been working on, such as sprint animation, so everyone can experience a fresh gaming experience.

While working on Contractors Showdown, we are rebuilding the whole development process and code strings to avoid legacy flaws and refreshing some outdated features to refresh the game's experience.

With experience optimization, weapon balancing, new features, and bug fixes on the horizon, we are confident that this game update will be a solid patch on the way to v.1.0 of Contractors.

Immersion Upgrade

We have dedicated our efforts to optimizing various aspects of the visual, ensuring fully upgraded sprinting animations, improved slide performance, and reduced movement lags. Get ready to immerse yourself in a new Contractors fight!

High Scopes Remake

Due to the wild shaking and magnification, most scopes are rarely picked, and some of the reticles and patterns are even incorrect. The magnifying logic has been completely reworked, new patterns have been added to different scopes, and the high scopes have been made much more stable.

Weapon Balancing

Maintaining a fair and competitive environment is crucial to us. In response to community feedback, we have gathered the weapon statistics and made necessary adjustments to ensure the overall weapon choices are more balanced.

Bug Fixes

Occasionally encountering some bizarre bugs during play can be frustrating. Since some long-reported bugs, such as the mute-all button, players are able to pick up items after being eliminated, and the knife glitch in Bomb Defusal, were difficult to fix due to legacy flaws, our team reconstructed the old structure in order to address the community's reported issues. Several game-breaking bugs that have been affecting your gameplay will be fixed with this update.

See you guys when the update is dropped!

Caveman Studio


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