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Halloween Sneak Peek

Dear operators,

During the past two months, we've seen an influx of incredible and addicting mods that have surpassed our imagination, and how much love and effort talented modders have put into it. Thanks to all of our players and community for playing and loving Contractors, we will never stop until it is solid and well-polished.

Meanwhile, we have received plenty of feedback and questions from vanilla game players about whether Coop and Zombie Survival have been scrapped. And the answer is…definitely not! The upcoming patch will introduce a new Zombie Survival map with an upcoming limited-time event, zombie, and weapon skins to treat you on Halloween! Miscellaneous bugs will be fixed by then as well to improve the experience across the board.

Let's check out our frontline operator's latest found footage:

Charity tournament starting!

We are organizing another charity event in collaboration with content creators and Dubcity Tournaments! This Event is a work in progress and we are looking for content creators to help out and support the charity goal!

Yet a new Charity tournament is starting next month, more details will be announced later in our Discord server!



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