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v.0.93.7 Situation Report & Patch Notes

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Dear Operators,

The newest patch dropped!

As compared to the information and some previews that were revealed in the last sitrep, this update contains more details and significant changes. A lot of weapon balancing was implemented in the latest update in order to maintain weapon diversity. Furthermore, some game-breaking bugs have been fixed, it’s time to get back into the fight!

Check out the previous sitrep if you have missed it:

Watch the full comparison of the high scopes:

Weapon Stabilization

As you probably have noticed, high-scope weapons tend to shake a lot when using them. The game now has a stabilizer option that reduces this stuttering. With the overhauled scopes, we believe the new stabilizer can help build a new combat style for you.

Weapon Balancing

Several balancing measures have been implemented since we noticed some weapons are dominating. The orientation is to generally buff weapons, and optimize cumbersome interactions, such as awkward scope positions, annoying pistol wobblies, and terrible shotgun shot spreads. It’s time to pick up some weapons that you may have forgotten.

General Optimization

Some of the bugs and issues that have caused heavy issues such as the knife glitch in Bomb Defusal, spawn kill, and broken mute-all buttons. The issues have been resolved now. What’s more, we have also addressed some of the often-raised issues about overloading mods, please let us know about the issues that you have encountered!

v.0.93.7 Patch Notes


  • Significantly changed the hand animation and head-shaking effect.

  • Significantly decreased the overall boost speed of sprint and slide (v.0.93.6 was increased by 12.5% from original, in v.0.93.7 its 5% increased from original).


  • Addressed an animation dragging issue for grabbing magazines.

  • Addressed miscellaneous issues that could cause errors in mods.

  • Addressed the bug that hinders the keyboard from being displayed during the match in the Social section.

  • Addressed the issue that would cause the irregular UI shaking.

  • Addressed miscellaneous issues caused by slide.

  • Fixed the incorrect Stabilizer performance.

  • Fixed the invisible teammate walkie-talkie issue.

  • Fixed the missing texture glitches on various weapons.

  • Fixed the texture issue of bullets in the chamber.

v0.93.6 Patch Notes


  • Added new hand animation while sprinting

  • Added speaker icon on the scoreboard, now players can see the player who is speaking directly.

  • Added a 2 seconds respawn protection.

  • Added a new stabilizer for all weapons with high scopes.

  • Added a new 'Favorite' button for the mod section.

  • Added new scope options for ASVAL/UMP45/Vector/MP5.


  • Mute-all will now be in effect persistent through lobby/matches if not leaving the current lobby/match.

  • Optimized the performance on slope terrains and slide speed on all surfaces.

  • Overhauled reticle patterns for all high scopes.

  • Significantly reduced weapon shaking while using high scopes.

  • Significantly reduced the recoil of all pistols.

  • Reduced the shot spread of all shotguns by 20%.

  • Increased the shotgun damage across the board. Damage at 10 meters has been increased by 20%, 10-20 meters increased by 25%, and 20-30 meters increased by 50%.

  • Reduced the horizontal recoil of AKM/AK74/FAL/AUG/FAMAS by 50%.

  • Reduced the vertical recoil of FAL by 15%

  • Reduced the horizontal recoil of MP7 and MP5A3 by 30%.

  • Increased the muzzle recovery speed of Deagle and Magnum by 40%

  • Decreased the base damage of CZ805 from 31 to 29.

  • Tactical reload moves now can be performed with SVD/QBZ 95/As VAL/FAL.

  • Magazine release now can be performed with MP7.

  • Optimized the reload experience of P90/Vector/Magnum.

  • Optimized the tactical reload experience.

  • Optimized firing selector position for various weapons.

  • Optimized the scope position of SKS/ASVAL/Magnum.

  • Optimized the model for Aimpoint T1 Scope for SMGs.

  • Optimized the firing speed, recoil, model, and animation for Bren/M1941/M1 Garand.


  • Fixed a bug in Bomb Defusal that the bomb can be planted with a knife.

  • Fixed a bug that players can pick up props and guns after being eliminated.

  • Fixed a bug that grenades could be floating in the air after the player has been eliminated.

  • Fixed a bug that claymore can be triggered by grenade explosion on the other side of the obstacle.

  • Fixed a bug that ASVAL can reload with AK74u magazine.

  • Removed the incorrect firing mode of M3A1 and MP40.

  • Potentially addressed the ADS tweaking issue.

  • Potentially addressed a game crashing issue triggered by device memory restriction.

  • Potentially addressed a game crashing issue triggered by overloading mods.

Let us know your thoughts on weapon balancing!

As you can see, we have made lots of weapon balancing in the patch, please let us know what you think of it and your expectations for the weapon balancing in the future!

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