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v0.93.4.0 Winter Update Situation Report

Dear operators,

Happy Holidays, everyone! v. Winter Update is here! Before we dive into the sitrep for the Winter Update, let’s take a quick look at our last sitrep in case you have missed some details:

Winter Update Weapon Skins Showcase:

Winter Special Event

Introducing our new winter special event! Participate in the event to get access to unique weapon skins.

New tasks will be unlocked daily, don't forget to check the task section out, and get the rarest Lava Vein skin as soon as you can.

The special event will start on December 22nd and end on January 5th.

Improved Shotgun Control

We have noticed that sometimes it is really difficult to perform pump action shotgun reload with both trigger and grip button, especially for Index players. Thus we have added a new 'Auto shotgun pumping' option, it allows you to pump without holding the trigger button, which is easier to maintain the fire rate and boost up combat performance.

Here’s the complete patch notes of v0.93.4.0


  • Added new holiday season event.

  • Added 6 new weapons skins.

  • Added new series of special quests to unlock unique weapons skins.

  • Added an 'Auto Shotgun Pumping' option, which allows the player to pump the shotgun without holding the trigger button.

  • Added a new feature of ejecting the mag with off-hand.


  • Adjusted the flash time, visual performance, and trigger time of the flashbang, now the flash time is equal for both the PC and standalone versions.

  • Adjusted the rules of Bomb Defusal. The round timer has been adjusted to 3 mins. The team has to acquire 11 round wins to victory, an extra round will be added if both teams have reached the match point.

  • Adjusted the bullet penetration performance for wooden materials.

  • Adjusted the foliage and grass effect in Lumber.

  • Removed miscellaneous invisible walls in Wildlands.


  • Addressed an issue that basketball cannot be picked in the spectating room in Survival/Zombie Survival Mode.

Server Improvement Project

We'll be monitoring the server status during the Holiday Season to make sure no server issues arise, please let us know through the survey if you have encountered any server performance issues!

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