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Winter Update Is Now Available!

Dear operators,

Happy Holidays! Winter Update is finally here! Come and take a look at what`s included in this update:


It`s the snow season, nothing is more important than decorating the Arctic map with better visuals! We have reworked some of the major areas on the map, we are confident that the new Arctic will blow your mind!

WW2 Loadout

This time we added Lee Enfield, M1941 Johnson, M1897 Trench Gun, and M712 automatic pistol to the World War 2 loadout! Now it would be a great time to host some WW2 games!

Ninja Smoke

A new gadget 'Ninja Smoke Bomb' has been introduced in the Ninja Warrior Loadout, throwing the bomb on the ground and it will instantly create a cloud of smoke around you.

Holiday Melee Weapons

It is the holiday season, and you gotta love bashing your enemies with Candy Cane and Frying Pan.

Reticle Style Options

Players will now be able to change their holographic sights reticle styles. If you ever get tired of the little red dot on your sights, just switch to a different style from a range of predefined collections.

Holiday Theme HQ

A holiday vibe in the HQ hub area! Fire up some fireworks and enjoy some intense online games.

Here is the complete patch note for the v.0.90.8 Winter Update:

1. Map overhaul for Arctic

2. Holiday theme for HQ

3. Improved backend network availability

4. New weapon: M1941 Johnson rifle for WW2 loadout

5. New weapon: Lee Enfield sniper rifle for WW2 loadout

6. New weapon: M1941 trench shotgun for WW2 loadout

7. New weapon: M712 automatic pistol for WW2 loadout

8. New weapon: Candy Bar (Holiday)

9. New weapon: Frying Pan (Holiday)

10. New gadget: Ninja Smoke Bomb for Ninja Warrior loadout

11. Added ability to switch between different holographical sight reticle styles

12. Improved loadout selection UI

13. Improved region selection UI when creating an online match

14. Improved setting UI

15. Improved Tutorial UI

16. New weapon selection UI for Gunstock Calibration

17. Fixed objective score display issue in Comp Control game mode

18. Reworked WW2 automatic weapon recoil

19. Improved weapon LOD

20. MP7: Decreased horizontal recoil by 20%

21. FN-FAL: Decreased vertical recoil by 15%, Increased horizontal recoil by 15%

22. M1014: Decreased bullet spread by 25%

23. RM870: Decreased bullet spread by 10%

24. Use Fixed tick rate for gun bolt component.

For more info, please join our discord server:

Hope you enjoy the Winter Update, Happy Holidays!

- Caveman Studio


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