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Situation Report on Contractors Showdown April 19th

Dear Contractors!

There never has been a time more exciting than the weeks succeeding the Open Beta. We have had our “boots to the ground” more than ever, developing Contractors Showdown to its ultimate build finally worth releasing!

A Thank You to all Contractors

We're only a few days away from jumping out of the cargo plane and into the battlefield! This wouldn't have been possible without each and every one of you.

From the early playtesters who battled through countless bugs (and each other) to our awesome community who flooded the Discord channels with ideas and feedback – your support and enthusiasm fueled our passion throughout development.

Your suggestions helped shape the movement mechanics, weapon balance, and even some of the features we'll be revealing soon. We can't wait to see the epic showdowns, strategic plays, and hilarious fails you'll create when the game drops on April 25th.

This week’s SITREP will be our last before release - today we will have a brief update on the newest features that you can expect to see in our latest build, so we suggest you zip up those boots, reload ‘dem mags, and steady your aim as we breeze through a couple more days of peacetime going into the inevitable absolute mayhem next week.

Parachute to the pinnacle of battle royale supremacy!

Contractors Showdown Will be Officially Lived on 10 AM, April 25th

We’re incredibly proud to announce the final release date! The game will be launched on both Meta Store and Steam!

So this is the last week to get the 10% discount and the Skill Issue bundle by pre-ordering Contractors Showdown on the Meta Quest Store now!

In the meantime, you may wanna know if the cross-buy is available on Meta. The answer is yes!

However, we are currently working on the Rift version and striving to implement EAC into it, so the Rift version will not be available at launch.

And for some reason, the Steam version will not be available for pre-orders, but the game will be launched simultaneously with the Meta version on the 25th!

New Features

As the clock ticks down to the release of Contractors Showdown, we have made the final feature updates to the game. These updates are meant to provide you with a better, more immersive experience!

New Shooting Range

At first, we wanted the HQ to be like a home for all players. Customize stuff, practice shooting, and move around freely. But after the Closed and Open Betas, we found out that the shooting range was not decent enough, empty and unable to meet various requirements for contractors to practice and test out all the weapons.

To address this, we overhauled the headquarters and introduced an upgraded shooting range!

With this, we aim to encourage more players to dedicate time to HQs to enhance their shooting skills, improve their appearance, and pursue their aspirations.

Raise your hand to run

Say goodbye to destroying your left stick and hello to a more immersive sprinting experience! We're excited to announce a new sprint mechanic. With this feature enabled, you no longer need to continuously press the joystick. Simply raise your gun to begin sprinting and experience the butter smooth run and gun.

Take advantage of combat situations, sprint around enemy teams, navigate the map, or run for your life; the choice is in your hands—literally.

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Thank you all for taking on this journey with us!

Where are we dropping on April 25th?

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