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Enhanced Mod Update - Sneak Peek #2

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Dear operators,

Since the last sitrep with modkit info for the upcoming update, the community is coming in hot with high anticipation with a desire to get their hands on the new objects and take a bite on our enhancements. The good news is, that the progress of our development went smoothly and fruitful, and the update will be released on September 1st. Here we gonna deliver plenty of solid and fresh sneak peek of features for you!

Before jumping in, let’s take a little rewind on our last sitrep:

Mod Contest maps review proceeding

The Mod Contest ended on Aug 1st. We would like to send our gratitude to all innovative modders and players, without your creation, feedback, and vigorous support, we could never build such an abundant, energetic community!

Stay tuned for our awards announcement and map reviews!

Nothing is impossible with the Modkit

Imagine participating in a war carrying a laser gun on a deserted planet, joining an arcade room full of controllers and mini soldiers, or even stepping into a horror phase and running away from the tedious unknown units.

Those scenes were hard to imagine for Contractors, but nothing is impossible after the modkit is released with the infinite inspiration of our talented modders and dedicated players!

Create your one-and-only stylish weapon and game mode, and share it with the community.

Meanwhile, a full stack of preset mod templates will be integrated into the modkit so new modders can get started faster, and experienced modders will be able to save more time to boost their efficiency.

Now, introducing our newest concept arts. Dig up as many secrets as you can!

What to expect

According to the current schedule, you can expect the following features in the upcoming update by September 1st:

  • New official mod map - Playground

  • New modkit feature - customized game mode

  • New modkit feature - customized weapons

  • New modkit feature - easy-to-use preset mod templates

  • Improved physics-based melee and weapon handling

  • Improved physics of throwable

  • Improved hand model and animation

  • Essentially optimized lag compensation

The Playground

Duel Arena in Playground

Run, shoot, and roll

No more lost knives in the wall

Beta testers wanted

We have prepared a Beta build for the upcoming update to collect feedback and inspiring ideas. If you are interested, please fill in our signup form for the Beta! Once signed up, you will be contacted if you are selected to test the Beta build!

This will be a closed beta so a select number of players will get access.

More details are included in the signup form:

Hope to see you in the Beta!

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