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v0.92.2.0 Situation Report & Enhanced Mod Update Sneak Peek

Dear operators,

The v0.92.2.0 update has been released! It is our main goal with this update is to fix the major bugs often reported by the community, and to address legacy design flaws before the next update of Enhanced Mod Kit, which will substantially improve the game experience across the board.

Latest Released Patch v0.92.2.0

Map Overhaul - Downtown

Before jumping in, let's take a little while on our last Sitrep:

Following the announcement of the Downtown overhaul project with comparisons, many users are uncertain if the map will run smoothly with that graphic. Now it’s about time to experience and explore the enhanced aesthetics of the Downtown map, we assure you it would be a blast!

Improved MOD Stability

The mod has become one of the most popular features of the game ever since it was released. As the Mod Contest continues, not only is the number of mods steadily growing but also multiple reports regarding the performance of the game are appearing. Gladly, our enthusiastic players provided abundant and useful info and helped us resolve the issue of game crashing and related issues caused by overloading mods. Please let us know if the issue persists after the game has been updated.

See the full patch notes below:


  • Maps

    • Refurbished the Downtown map with new textures and models

  • Weapon Accessories

    • Adjusted the iron sight form of QBZ-95

  • UI

    • Adjusted the MOD page UI

    • Adjusted the MOD recommending logic


  • Added a new 2x reticle type


  • Fixed the wrong kill feed of MK18

  • Fixed invalid bullet flyby and crack sounds

  • Addressed the Loadout UI error issue

  • Addressed the building drifting issue in the Factory map

  • Addressed the game crashing issue that was caused by downloading a large number of mods

Future Releases - Sneak Peek #1

Since the release of MOD Update of Contractors and MOD CONTEST kick-off, massive enthusiastic players participated and delivered tons of inspiring feedback. Also, we have seen multiple mod maps with great aesthetics from our talented modders. We want to send our gratitude to all our vigorous players and modders. You guys rock! To achieve our goal of creating a community packed with creative ideas and content, we will release our new major update as soon as possible. Meanwhile, our dev team is working tirelessly on the upcoming major update to offer a handy tool for anyone who wants to dig into the potency of Contractors. According to the current schedule, you can expect some jaw-dropping features!

Now, take a peek at what our next Enhanced Mod Kit is capable of:

New Interactive Objects

A way to new customize modes

Stretch time!

Climb & Aim
Tactical moves

Right way to open a door

Mysterious controller

What would happen next?

Improved Physics

Stay tuned for our Sneak Peek #2! And don’t forget to share your valuable ideas or suggestions with us!

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Another heads-up for Mod Contest We are getting closer to the Deadline: 1/Aug/2022 (No more updates to submitted maps). Everyone can still signup and compete for the prize pool of $9000 and merchandise!


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